Six steps to

Learning & Inspiring



Being disaster resilient means learning and continuously improving our preparedness plans.

Building disaster resilient is an ongoing process that requires updating plans for disasters and emergencies, testing plans and improving plans. A key part of improving plans is being well connected and up to date so it is important to participate in local events that help you and others prepare for disasters and emergencies and to share what you have learned with others

Important outcomes

When Step 6 is complete your organisation will:

  • Be regularly updating plans for disasters and emergencies
  • Be testing and improving your plans in so far as you are able and
  • Be sharing what you learn with others and also learning from them
  • Be working together with others in the local community to achieve better disaster resilience.

Testing, Monitoring and Reviewing



Being prepared for disasters and emergencies is an ongoing process.

Sharing Knowledge and Learning from Others



Ongoing improvement of disaster plans will require learning from others.

Working Together to Improve Disaster Resilience in Your Local Community



When all Six Steps are in place, or at least in the process of being put into place, there can be opportunities to work together with others in your local community to improve disaster resilience in your local community.