What is Resilient<br />Community Organisations?

What is Resilient
Community Organisations?

Disaster resilience is "the ability of individuals, communities, organisations, or countries exposed to disasters and crises and underlying vulnerabilities to: anticipate, reduce the impact of, cope with, and recover from the effects of adversity without compromising their long-term prospects." (IFRC)

Resilient Community Organisations is a toolkit developed by and for the community sector to help organisations measure and improve their resilience to disasters and emergencies.

The Toolkit includes:

  • A benchmarking system so organisations can assess their current state of preparedness for disasters and emergencies and identify areas of improvement.
  • Six Steps to Disaster Resilience, which provide information and resources organisations need to take action.

Disaster resilience is about 'bouncing back' from disasters and emergencies. Disaster resilient organisations can continue to provide services to people in the community despite the crisis and protect the wellbeing of staff and volunteers. In these ways, disaster resilient organisations contribute to the overall resilience of people, families and communities.

Why should
you get involved?

Did you know? 25% of Community
Organisations think they would close for
good after an extreme weather event?

Would your organisation be one of them?

How it works:

  1. Take the Benchmarking Survey  – See how your organisation measures up when it comes to preparing for disasters and emergencies. At the end, you’ll receive a benchmark report with a resilience score and pointers about where to focus your disaster resilience building efforts.
  2. Work through the 'Six Steps to Disaster Resilience'  – You’ll find all the information you need (including some useful templates and resources) to build an organisation that can bounce back from disasters and emergencies. If you’re short on time, focus on the steps that need most work that are highlighted in your benchmarking report.
  3. Share your Story  – Tell us about your organisation’s experience recovering from a disaster or other emergency or the steps you’ve taken to build your organisation's disaster resilience. Let us know if there are any great resources we’ve overlooked.
  4. Benchmark again  – When you’ve worked through the 6 steps, and taken action to fill in the gaps, take the benchmarking survey again to see how much you’ve improved.